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I have changed all my passwords, and I am in the process of changing my legal name and social security number, those haxorz got everything.

well... if you're not using your old SSN can I have it?


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Solving the mystery of the leet hax0rz defacement of hak.5

1. download/install steam ( www.steampowered.com )

2. buy the "orange box"

3. play p0rtals, one of the best video games this year

4. understand the joke


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I am worried about my account, my password is "p4ssw0rd" and i think they might guess it. HELP!!!

*Hides behind couch, only peering out every 5 minutes for the h4x0rz

Buy a gun, that will protect you!

Or create portals with falling companion cubes all around you. No one will be able to come near you.

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What are you talking about?

That Youtube browser you made based off of IE was teh l33tzor

You have long outgrown that title so....

With the powers invested in me by Senator Stevens, I hereby strip you of your title.

Your new title is to be filled in by teh awezome Famicoman or VaKo because I'm too lazy to make one.


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