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proxy slowing my speed of internet usage this is not bypassing proxy


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my internet provider has proxy which slows down my internet speed.  let me explain my scenario

He is using Linux box as gateway and transparent proxy (squid) by squid he is slowing down my internet speed

so my question is that in his internal network i. e.  172. 25. 25. . 0/24 he  provides internet to all systems  with same speed

normally all the 253 systems are not up always for internet usage so is there any way to combine the free ips speed (till the systems come up) to

increase my internet speed like using software.

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Your ISP has set up squid to use the Delay Pools feature, which effectively limits the throughput it provides to your system.

There is no way, outside of outright bypassing the proxy, for you to get more bandwidth assigned to you without the admin being kind enough to give it to you.

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Well, there is kind of a way. The OP touched on it slightly. If the bandwidth is distributed per IP/MAC address (rather then physical connection), then there is to a way to get a slight improvement. The only pre-requisite is that you are able to set any IP address you want on the network.

Given that, in theory you could setup a computer (probably running the Linux) with three IP and MAC address on a single interface. Then setup load balancing between the three virtual adapter. The only issue is that this will only speed up multiple connections, a single connection won't (or should that be can't?) benefit from this.

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You might be able to get away with putting multiple NIC's in your PC, hooking them into a layer 2 switch and hooking this into the cable from your ISP. But this would depend on how the DHCP server is configured, and won't work so well if you use statically assigned IP's.

Alternatively, if its just web traffic thats restricted, you might be able to tunnel out with ssh and bypass the speed restrictions.

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