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Interesting (Evil) Idea


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Just a thought for the developers (people better with code than I am presently):

Evil thought #1

When the payload downloads to the email box can the archive bit be changed on the files so that if they are "updated" after they will be resent (those that have been changed) like an incremental backup of the hard drive?

Evil Thought #2

When another USB device is plugged in after the initial load is there a way to replicate it to that device?

Hope these ideas spur some development - I've enjoyed playing with the things so far.


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We've (several others as well as myself) have done evil thought 2 already, but we won't release it to the community because then whoever first plugged it in has a guaranteed ticket to jail.  Its nice that you were hired to test a network but you can't guarantee that no one will bring it home and spread it around.  Basically if you can handle using it correctly you don't need someone to write it for you, you can write it yourself.

Evil idea one isn't that evil, we're working on it :D/

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Thanks RPK5000 -

Just thinking out loud and seeing what I could come up with - I'd like to see the code on #2 if you could send it - I have one serve and one workstation that are isolated and just talk to each other so nothing gets out accidentally.  Working on following the logic of the basic program - so anything you can add would be appreciated.

Also nice you are working on the first one too.

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