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DVD Cutting Laser?


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I've seen many videos and tutorials on using a dvd laser to pop balloons and light matches etc.

I don't have any dvd burners I'm willing to destroy in order to make it.

Is there any thing else I can use to get similar effects?

I have a spare cd rom and a dvd rom in an old server and some ir's from an old remote but thats about it.

I'm looking for some type of laser but if you know of anything else that I can make or put together to get the same results plz post.


oh i do have a cd burner in my server but I'm not sure I wan't to destroy that either.

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maybe find a cheap first generation burner for sale like at a flea market, computer show, etc. Even new ones can be gotten for cheap these days., but check for used or salvaged parts on somethign like ebay:


Hell, here is a whole pc for $15: http://cgi.ebay.com/Gateway-P3-450MHz-CPU-...tem?refid=store

Buy the pc, take the burner and make a spare NAS or something out of the rest of it or whatever you want to do with it. Dev box, pen testing, etc.

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The only thing keeping me from making one is that fact that if you shine it in your eyes, you are supposedly fucking screwed for life.

Yeah, they are dangerous, but so are laserpointers. Even Fiber Optic cables if you look directly down the line. Not a good idea...

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