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Increase max movie length of Olympus FE280


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The manuals doesn't say anything about changing the movie length. It's fixed.

I was hoping for a hack

I don't own your camera, but mine has an option from the settings within the camera itself. Maybe just keep going through it's settings. Also, do you have an external memory card, or are you using only the internal memory?

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some cameras will limit the recording time to prevent ccd overuse as that can damage the ccd

but 10 seconds does seem too low.  for many other cameras like the canon powershots, they limit you to about 1 hour (any more is considered dangerous to the camera as overuse of the ccd in one go can cause dead pixels on the ccd

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yeah, for full quality, it is only 10 seconds, whereas for medium and low quality it goes to 30 minutes.

It's stated in the manual, and yes, I have tried all the settings.

Was hoping for a firmware hack....but i guess it is not open source?

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