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Photo Booths


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I was visiting a friends mom at the photo lab of Walmart and while he was talking to her I was looking at the back of the Kodak booth and I noticed that it was running XP Embedded and the whole rear of the tower were visible as well as the USB ports. I was tempted to pop one of my flash drives into it but I wasn't sure if I had one with a worthy payload with me. The whole day I was thinking about what type of security risk that is and what would be the best payload to use to check out the booth. I had Switchblade on my Cruzer and a plain old file copy batch on my Emprex.

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Yeah, but what would you do with the information you get.  Its not like you are going to bring your keyboard to walmart.  And I doubt very seriously if they have it hooked up to the network.

Oh and this belongs in USB hacks.

A lot of them are hooked up to a network and are running something like PCanywhere. Most I've seen were running Windows 2000. The whole Switchblade thing is pretty shitty but if it can do something like a faster Netcat install then fair enough. 

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I'd love to hack one of those photo printing machines to add "Copyright <name of store>" to the bottom of every photo it prints.

That would be funny. Another fun thing are those bus station information systems you get in some cities, they are also all over the UK. They have touch screens and mostly run Windows XP, they also have internet access.

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