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U3-stick totally disabled..


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I noticed that on some pc's the driver-installation for my U3-stick has been blocked.  So that I can't even use my usb-stick there. 

It just won't install any drivers for it.

Other non-U3-sticks do work, so it's probably done on purpose.

My question is. .  Is there a way to "fix" this problem?

(Eventually with a other Usb-stick with the fix)

Thanks in Advance,


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Does anything pop up at all?  I sometimes get only the cd partition in which case, opening that and then launching the u3 program will force the flash partition to be recognized.  Another solution is that sometime I'm able to make the system see the drive by sticking it in during the logon process, but the timing on doing it right is crazy.  Usually right after the u3 light (the orange thing on the sandisks) blinks, thats when to press enter and logon.  It may take some practice to get the timing down, but it works.

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