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USB Command Hijack


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Ok, im working on a little hack, when you plug in your USB drive it exicutes some code which then you can return to your computer and gain acsess to there Command Prompt, or at least exicute some commands.

I have 2 ideas so far

Number 1,

Secretly install Apache and PHP (Or something like wamp)

then have a code with a textbox, php include, and the system command

you enter the text in the text box then it will run the command with a ">> output.txt" on it

then php inlcude includes that file

Number 2,

this one adds a program that runs on startup which allows remote acsess to cmd.exe

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Been sitting on this for a while, but i guess i'll share:


Started a thred under "USB Commando Payload", enjoy.

(doesnt do the php/apache only nc.exe)

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