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80 inch or larger tv/computer/bad ass


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so i was thinkin about trying something but then i realized i was broke lol so maby some one has done it already or has some thoughts on it. here it goes.  so i was thinking about takeing and old school overhead pojector (like you would see in highschool) and mounting an lcd screan on to it so you could project the lcd image on to the wall. im thinking it can be done dut dont have money or materials to try it. but if it was possible and it had decent resilution i would possibly take out the light bulb setup in the projector and replace it with more compact brighter led's and fill the rest of the houseing with a computer or dvd player so you could play cable tv videogames movies etc. on a huge projection screen tv for a few hundred bucks. and you could do so much more with this if you could make the picture quality good enouf. just some thought i look forward to your ideas and thoughts thanks

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It is possible, has been done (commercially and DIY, if you DIY watch the heat from the bulb, LCDs don't like it), it works well enough, the resolution's as high as the panel's resolution (obviously the higher the better but more pixels = more money). LEDs generally aren't bright enough though LED projectors do exist but usually on a small scale.

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It's a common method of getting a DIY projector, you just have to raise the screen from the fresnel a bit... there's tons of DIY projector stuff online, just give it a quick google and there's various methods. I looked in to doing it some time ago but I never got around to sourcing the parts. If you can pick up an OHP and a cheap LCD or old laptop though it's definitely possible (if you don't mind stripping a working LCD screen).

As I mentioned though there are commercial options, they were used for presentations when transparency paper was all the rage, it meant you could project powerpoint presentations and such without spending what would've been £1000s on an expensive VGA projector.

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