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Community Projects

This page is for community projects. Not projects from the show, not projects from the development team, but open projects from the Hak.5 community, for the Hak.5 community. These projects are open to anyone.


Folding@Home is a program invented by scientists to use your spare computer processors to fold proteins that can cure diseases. Setup is simple, any computer will work, and it runs on spare cycles so it isn't a resource hog.

Community Rainbow Tables

Rainbow Tables are ways of generating pasword hashes for reference (Cracking passwords). Unfortunately, these tables are not widely available online, and take a rather long time to generate. This project invites community members to generate the hashes, and then put them up online for the community to share, so there can be a complete resource of rainbow tables that you don't have to generate on your own.

Hak5 Comic

The Hak5 comic is a comic Nxt471 is working that is about the adventures of Hak.5 crew and community! We have scripts available on our project page so please contribute to them. We're also looking for people that can help us make the comic drawings, etc.

Text Game

Just a simple Text Game written by Joeeigel in Basic, and has been translated in to alot of other languages, Go try a few out, Or heck try making your own! HAve fun with it, carry the story on, what ever you want!


Contrary to what you may have been told or anything that may lead you to believe otherwise, everything described on this page is complete truth. No embellishments, exaggerations or lies are featured in this section whatsoever. Anybody or anything which tells you otherwise is simply fabricating completely crazy, wild lies and idiotic stories. You should laugh at those people for trying to convince you of something so completely idiotic.

USB Hacks

HAK.5 has spurred development of many interesting USB related hacks, taking advantage of often weak physical security. We have taken many of the developments made on our forums and put them here for better organization.

USB Switchblade

The goal of the "USB Switchblade" project is to silently recover information from a target Windows 2000 or higher computer, including password hashes, LSA secrets, IP information, etc... Several methods for silent activation exist including the original MaxDamage and Amish techniques as shown on Hak5 episode 2x02. Further development of these tools are open to the community with both a development thread in the forums and wiki page for working code.

USB Hacksaw

Released on October 5 on HAK.5 Episode 2x03 -- The USB Hacksaw is an evolution of the popular USB Switchblade that uses a modified version of USBDumper, Blat, Stunnel, and Gmail to automatically infect Windows PCs with a payload that will retriev documents from USB drives plugged into the target machine and securely transmit them to an email account. Proof of concept code shows how to deliver the payload instantly with a U3 autorun hack borrowed from the USB Switchblade on Windows 2000 or higher computers running as administrator or guest. Automatic propogation to other USB devices is possible however will not be shown on in detail Episode 2x03.

USB Chainsaw

Set to release on November 5 on HAK.5 Episode 2x04 -- The USB Chainsaw is described as an all purpose physical access hacking device able to take advantage of many x86 based operating systems, including Windows and Linux. No other details are available at time of writing.

USB Antidote

The USB Antidote is still in early planning stages with the goal of becoming a tool for systems administrators to defend against other USB based attacks, including autorun workarounds, anti-virus updating, operating system patching, and automatic configuration of other USB attack mitigation techniques.

Pandora Time Shifting

A Pandora rip hack for timeshifting music to listen to later.

Episode Subtitles

Create new, or translate existing subtitles to another language so non-english speakers can enjoy Hak.5 aswell.

Analog.5: The Hak5 eZine

A community based Hak5 ezine accepting articles from all to be included in the releases. No page limit, article submission limit, or time limit (kinda). More details inside of course.

Light Control Script

Here you can Download a Untested Version of VITAS's Light& Webcam Controlcenter. Its a Juiced up Version of the Orginal PHP Script Shown on hak5 EP S1E1 & S1E2.


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