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Real Life Halo.


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I think the big question on the military's mind is "what happens once the battery runs out"?

Hope you can take it off in time to run for cover?

They probably have a battery life indicator that warns the soldier when they need to find a place to plug in and charge or whatever. I would't be surpised if they develop fuel cells that run all day and then they make it to the consumer market for things like laptops, etc. Some of their money will somehow get recouped through civillian means, if not written off in taxes.

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A bigger issue is how insurgent type fighters will deal with the new threat (i'm thinking some form of EMP weapon or even microwaves). And how does it cope with damage? Can you run away if it blue screens on you or are immobile? The last thing I would want is to be locked in place while some shit sticks a blade threw the cracks.

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I don't see it being used for combat for a long time.  I can see it used for support stuff like loading trucks and putting missiles on planes.  Eventually maybe it will be used to carry big guns or something, but not for a while can I see it have a good practical combat role.  Not to much hand to hand combat happens anymore.

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Can you run away if it blue screens on you or are immobile?

Now that is funny right there...

One thing I can see is un manned outfits like drone planes. Imagein if you will, a soldier, or whomever, strapped into a suit that is suspended in a virtual environment. A second, real suit, unmanned, but completely self powered and self suffcient whose actions and movments are controlled by the soldier who is safely back at home away from the battle front. Now you have a way to keep soldiers safe while having the ability to go anywhere you want without risk of death. I know it isn;t going to happen any time soon, but from the looks of some of those suits, i'd say its the natural progression. Look at all the robitcs coming out of Japan. They have robots that dance, walk up stairs, etc. Now, combine that with military applications, and your in a whole new world of scary shit.

Next evolution from that would be full blown transforming robotics that do not need human control but can be programmed to carry out specific tasks. Scifi, maybe, but a lot of scifi concepts have become science in some way shape or form. Look at the space shuttle and man on the moon. Who would have though those were possible 100, or 200 years ago let alone 1000 or more years ago.

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