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Dreamhost Transfers


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I just signed up with Dreamhost to transfer my site over to their hosting service. I have enough problms with my current host over the years i don;t even want to talk about it...

One of the things they say I must do is change my Domain Name servers to point to theirs, but I have no idea how to do this. Do I call my current host and ask them to change the DNS records? How do I change this? Or do I need to contact the Domain Registrar and have them change it?

I have never done a domain transfer before and this is a learning experience, to say the least.

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It depends on the tld your using, if its a .com you will need to get an auth code sent to the admin email address you created when you registered your domain. Using this you can get the domain transfered to a new registrar. You should be able to do all this via your account control panel with your old hosts, or, if there shit you will need to ride to customer service train to your final destination.

But, there may be a simpler way of doing this. If dreamhost gave you an IP for the server that your account will be hosted on you can just update your dns records to point to that IP. Unless there using some kinda weird clustered service where your account is moved between servers dynamically you shouldn't need to use there name servers, its just for simplicitys sake at there end. The only dreamhost account i've used is the hak5.org one, but as far as i can see it would be a simple dns re-point.

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Problem is my current host company does not give us access to any DNS config or records. And the WHois info is outdated and I do not even have that email address or account any more, nor do I live at that address.

I have a sh*t hosting company and had nothing but trouble with them over the years. Their customer service is non existent and their IT staff's intelect are on a scale lower than Chimpanzees. Neanderthaw man could get a site up and running before these people could.

I'm too embarrassed to even mention their name, but I am sure everyone here is smart enough to figure that part out.

Anywhoo,  I am probably going to have to call them tomorrow when I get hoem from work and straighten it out.

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Only took a week for them to fix it, but I got my site and DNS info fixed. I am now happy to say the move is complete and hopefully no more BS with my site down every other week.

My old host was probably one of the worst, if not THE worst hosting company out there. The paper trail of complaints against them from clients can be seen easily with google. Just takes one word and you will see what I mean. iPower. Search for "iPower complaints" and you will know the hell I have endured....

Now that it is up and working on Dream Host I may be motivated enough to actually revamp it from it's old layout that hasn't been updated in years.

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