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Sun HD image?


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So I have a Sun Ultra 5 and an Ultra 10 that I got when a company surplused them.  They didn't come with HDs or RAM so I only recently got RAM installed but I hit a roadblock in attempting to install Solaris.  The firmware prevents booting from CD unless you supply a password.  Sadly the company I got the systems from disposed of the firmware password records when they got rid of the systems so aren't any help. 

My best option is to simply replace the firmware but before I go about ordering a new firmware I would like to try something different.  There is a command that root can run in Solaris to change the firmware options (ie disabling security.)  So I can maybe change the security options if I had a hard disk I could boot off of.  Does anyone have a compatible Sun system and would you be willing to do a minimal install with an known  root password on a small HD (was thinking 10 Gb,) create a sector by sector drive image under Linux or something, and then upload the image to my FTP site?  I would then, hopefully, restore the image onto a drive, boot the system, log in as root, disable firmware security, and then install Solaris myself.

In terms of hardware, I have the option of working on either the Ultra 5 or Ultra 10 though the only difference is the Ultra 10 has the Creator 3D graphics card.  Both of them use IDE drives.

Thanks in advance

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