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Laptop Security w/Keylogger


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I've had this idea for security on my laptop for awhile, but never got around to doing anything about it.  I'd like to install a keylogger on the user account that is not passworded (a sort of guest account).  Ideally, it would be invisible to the user, though merely not having a tray icon would probably suffice and e-mails logs to a gmail account with the sender's IP attached.  The idea would be that if my laptop were ever stolen, the thief would use the unpassworded account, but whatever it was used for, those logs would be in my hands (preferably with an IP attached).

I'm weary of googling keyloggers and just installing and trying some out because, well, there are some keyloggers that aren't intended to ever find themselves on the implementer's system.  I have limited programming ability, but I'm also not asking for everything to just be handed to me.  I'm willing to learn if anyone is willing to show me where to go.  Any help guiding me to the program(s) I need would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Hak5!

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