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Optimus Keyboard


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Arn't the buttons over sized and rediculose?

Well, how small do you want an LCD on each key to be?

I jsut think it's cool for a universal keyboard whose keys can change to any config for any language or country layout, not just stuck to a qwerty layout. Aside from the fact that you have all those customizable buttons as well to display what you want for each function.

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Other than being awesome... It is a complete waste of money!
Yeah, I have no money for such a thing, but it is a neat gadget. Maybe a home mod of some sort would be cool. Maybe like the Steampunk keyboards, add a video screen to it attached to a security cam or something. THen everytime you press it, you would get a different camera from your security feeds.

Here are some better pics and specs: http://community.livejournal.com/optimus_project

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It's a very neat little keyboard, but it's just so expensive.  Perhaps a little too far ahead of it's time. 

I hope (for a prospective buyers sake, i. e.  not me) that it's liquid proof, (I just spilled soda into an old keyboard of mine today, I might cry if I did that to one of those. ) and that the keys are replaceable.

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