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Web site Hosting & Live Media Streaming Questions


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Hello Everyone!

I'm now searching for reliable options to host a web site and conduct live streaming shows via SHOUTcast and RealPlayer.  In terms of more reliable web site hosting, live media streaming capability, and budget considerable options, I hope you can shred some light on the following concerns/questions:

* What are your preferred shared web hosting company(s)?

* How many server(s) are needed for hosting a web site and live streaming of an audio and/or video show?

* What is a basic range a person can pay from a month-to-month package?

* Are discounts offered by your preferred web hosting company(s)? If so, when are the discounts offered?

Happy Thanksgiving, keep up the good work and thanks for all your help!  :)

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Go to the front page and you will see links for GoDaddy and Dreamhost. Go to their sites for prices and then compare them with other you can find on Google. It really just matters what you want to pay and what kind of package yoru going for. Each hosting company offers several different packages and you would have to visit THEIR site for prices.

For more help check Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streaming_media

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