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VBS objshell.run ( something.exe > log.tmp,0,false) doesn't work ideas


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I'm in the process of re-writing the switchblade to vbs.

I'm at the point where firepassword is run. By design it only writes to StdOut (the screen). In a batch file you simply pipe the StdOut to a file >> %log%  <blah blah blah>

Well in vbs there's always more then one way to do things and I can't get either to do it the way I want.

I can call

set oExec = objshell.exec(firepassword.exe)

while yadda



and get the output that way which is all well and good but you can NOT hide the cmd window that .exec calls. Although it's only up for a brief second it's long enough to be noticed.

So, the other way one would think would be

objShell.run "  c:FirePassword.exe > C:tmp.log",0 , False 

Only problem is that doesn't work. tmp.log is never created and I don't know why.

Any ideas? I trying to keep everything contained to one script and I don't really want to call a batch file to call firepassword.

Are they're any alternatives to firepassword?


objShell.run "c:nircmd execmd  c:FirePassword.exe >" & "C:tmp.log",0 , False 

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