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Slurping U3


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Hi guys! Really cool site; finally took the plunge and ordered a U3 Cruzer tonight.

I'm working on a little project.  I'm creating an automated "Slurping U3".  I'm sure you guys are familiar with the process, but if you aren't, slurping is the process of plugging in a removable storage device which copies files (in my case, . doc's) from a given directory to the removable storage.

As of now, I used some example code snippets on another site to create an autorun. inf and a batch file to initiate the slurping.  This is cool and it works great but I have to press "Ok" when the suggested applications dialog pops up on a WinXP PC.  I wanted to keep things totally silent, which is why I decided the U3 would be a good choice.

However, this is what I didn't understand.  First of all, I'm not real clear on the whole installation process of a custom launchpad.

This is what I have so far:


icon=ico. ico

open=start. bat

action=Test autorun application.

shellopencommand=start. bat

This works fine on my flash drive. . .  I just want to cut out the prompting step.

I guess what I'm asking here is how to transition it from its current, requiring button input form to a U3 friendly form that will run silently and cleanly.

By the way, here's the code for the slurp app:

@echo off

mkdir %~d0%computername%

xcopy “C:Documents and Settings%username%My Documents*. doc” %~d0%computername% /s/c/q/r/h



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With a U3 flash drive you just put the autorun.inf on the CD partition of the flash drive. This will autorun the start.bat in the flash partition similar to how a CD automatically starts an installation program. This will then open command prompt which will copy the files to the flash partition of the drive. I'm sorry if that is hard to understand. I'm not very good at explaining things and I myself am very new to this.

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Actually, that makes perfect sense, I just didn't expect it to work that easy.

I didn't think that it would work if the inf used relative directories for the batch files when the INF was in the CD partition and the batch file was on the flash partition.

Thanks for the help, can't wait to get it!

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