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Are you talking about the login page to the router controls, or so that anyone connecting to your router has to log on in order to have access to the internet? These are two different things.

The ip address for the router's login page depends on the address set as your default gateway for your connection to the internet. EX: If your default gateway is then you punch that into your browser to logon to the routers control panel.

As far as a login page being served for any user who connects to the router and tries to access the internet, that would be some sort of firewall setup on the network. Like when your at a wireless cafe and you try to go to google but they redirect you to a login page before you can access any websites. I am not sure how that setup works though. Probably some sort of Firewall/Proxy configuration, but someone else might better know what that is.

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Login page to get on the internet.... i have dd-wrt installed.... but thats as far as I could get...

You would have to have some sort of web server on your pc that would be able to pull th epages down from the internet, like a PHPproxy. Then port forward any traffic to the port your web service is running on and then they will get the page served to them(I think). There is probably a better way to do it, but this is just my thinking in my head, anyone trying to get to a website(port 80) would then get whatever you forwarded HTTP traffic to on one of your pc's to act as a firewall. If you setup something like Apache and have your web service running on port 8080, you would forward all requests from the router to port 8080, which would then serve them with the default index page of your web server. Again, I am not 100% sure how this works, but it is jut my theory. Haven't tried it myself. - Scratch that. Just remembered this only forwards traffic to your internal ip address when they make requests to reach your pc, not when they are trying to go outbound.

One thing you can try is google some of the other software out there that you might find at say, an internet cafe that requires login to get net access. See how they are setup and see if you can duplicate it at home.

I am thinking you would need the wirelss router between another pc/router/firewall setup attached to the wired internet connection that forwards all outbound traffic and can server the login page.ex:

Wireless router AP > Firewall Login Page on another pc with Two NIC cards > Out to Modem or other router seup to the internet

You probably need to setup up some kind of Proxy Firewall between the router and the internet connection.

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Ummm... it should be fairly simple. If your LAN side, you just pump in the routers IP (9/10 its, fill out the login details (if you don't have them, reset it, if you don't have the default password try admin/admin) and your in. Once there you can setup telnet or ssh access, and enable a remote admin gui or remote ssh. This will allow you to login to the router while your on the WAN side, all you need to do is note down the IP or setup a dynDNS domain. If security is an issue, setup ssh on a port above 60000 using a key to auth, ssh into your router, and from there ssh into a headless VM with lynx on it.

If you lack login details and physical access, your onto exploit territory.

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