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Disassemble Cruzer Micro


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It's S.O.P when painting just about anything if you don't want to risk it looking crappy. My main reason for wanting to paint it is where the slide is a light lights up when the flash drive is plugged in and it even blinks. It made me think WTF is going on I wanted this to be discrete but that's like saying "Hey look at me I'm flashing." I thought about just covering it with electrical tape when I use it but I'm not always gonna have a roll in my pocket.

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So I guess you wouldn't be interested in one of these: http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/flash-drives/tw...ghts-323930.php

Even if you paint over the LED, won't you still see a bit of blinking light? Maybe if you do take apart, find a way to disable the led as well before painting the device. I have never cracked one open, but I imagine they could get damaged very easily.

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