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Using a Stb Keyboard on pc?


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Hey guys!

I got a stb (SetTopBox) from motorola Vip1910-9 and a motorola wireless keyboard model:wl05-05-kt-no-03-RoHS

And I wounder is there any chance i can use the keyboard on a windows xp machine?

I do install these boxes for clients here in noway, and I'd like to know if there's anything cool that can be done with it..

on the back of the stb i can see the folloing ports:

- Ethernet link

- 2xs Usb ports

- 1x Hdmi

- 2x scart connectors

-1x composite Y, Pb and Pr

- 1x Spdif

-1x analog audio

-1x toslink

-1x card reader

and ofc the power connector

I know that you need a ethernet cable cat5 from the home sentral to the stb and use mobile provisioning to autodetect the equipment.

But. is there a way to use the Usb ports to anything else than just +5v for charging? I tried to use a thumbdrive, but nothing happend.

Any ideas?

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It's quite possible it running Linux (Similar to the TiVo). Your best bet to seeing what you can do to it is rip out it's HD and plug it in to a computer and look at the partitions (admittedly this won't actually work with a TiVo).

Alternatively, nmap the bugger, see what ports are open, and trying service finger printing them. (port number != service type)

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Thanx Sparda for the info.. but this box doesnt have any Hd inside.. I have opened one before and didnt find any hd, So this must be a Sw based iptv thingy.., Norway is way behind in that kind of tech. but i love to open things and see whats inside.. so ill do it again.

Nothing mutch to find there. just a printboard with loads of components on it..

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