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"Too many buckets" syndrom strikes forums.hak5.org


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"Too many buckets" syndrom strikes forums.hak5.org

Below is the current layout for the forums:


The Labs:

- Hacks, Mods & Coding

- USB Hacks [script kiddy high]

- Pandora Time shifting [here be dragons]

The Water Cooler:

- Forum Welcome Center [shit idea]

  |- Forum Support [hate it]

- Everything Else

- Questions

- News & Debates

The Show:

- Hak5 & Hak5Live

- Suggestions

- Polls

- LAN Party

- Contests

The Network:

- Hak.5 Radio

- #hak5

- Analog5

- Folding@Home

Dev.5: - not public atm

- General

- Mission 1: Network

- Mission 2: Content

- Mission 3: Community


Its far to much scrolling for the amount of posts we get a day, and as a result looks like a mess. To much empty space. So, to contend with this, we (the management) propose that we condense the forums into the following:



- General Discussion (Merge News, Forum welcome shite)

- Questions (merge Hacks, Mods and Coding)

- Network/Community Stuff [needs name] (merge analog 5, hak5radio, folding@home, rainbow tables and subtitles).

  |- Archive [old Dev.5 Stuff, locked]

  |- Problems and Suggestions (seen a bug or problem with the wiki, wp or forums? have an idea for something new? discuss it here)

- #hak5

The Show:

- Episodes

- Discussion (merge suggestions, polls, lan party, contests)

- USB Hacks

- Pandora Time shifting


This is pretty much a done deal, but if you have any last minute suggestions/complaints now is the time to air them.

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