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Wireless AP/Gateway Setup


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Hey guys something im currently trying to setup a wireless AP/Gateway and am having a bit of a problem. I have 2 wireless routers one wrt54gs running dd-wrt (main gateway) and a buffalo wyr-g54. On one of my machines running win2k3 I have 2 nic's and 1 wireless nic. One this machine 1 nic is configured staticly

Then on the second nic I configured it as

I then ran a cable from that to the WAN port on the buffalo and then bridged the 2 connections. What im trying to do is basically set up this buffalo as a wireless AP with service provided to it from my second nic. Am I doing something wrong? I just can't seem to get it working. Everything keeps timing out. I would also settle for using the wireless nic as an AP but google hasn't been too helpful in that area at least for me. Thanks in advance.

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Do you have Windows ICS Firewall/File Sharing on for the bridged machine? If so, turn it off and try again.


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Thanks digip, yea I did have it on even tried restarting like you said. I followed the link you sent me and it all works out fine except for some reason I cannot get the bridge to pass traffic to the second nic. I tried using the wireless nic like in the link and then I tried using the hardwired nic bridged trying one of the lan ports and the wan port on the buffalo still no luck.

When trying the 2 hardwired nic's and the second nic being in a lan port on the buffalo it appeared to be "cable unplugged" unless I turned off ICS. With it off it's connected but still not gettin any traffic from the bridge:(

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Okay now I see what your talkin about... feel dumb. I was only stopping and starting the Windows Firewall/ICS service not just ICS, but as you said after the bridge turn it back on, it doesn't give me an option to. The only mods I can make to any bridged connection are advanced hardware changes (device manager properties basically)

It wouldn't let me bridge them with ICS already enabled either. I would think that this wouldn't be as complicated as it appears to be :?

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