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What to do with an iMac G3?


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I got an iMac G3 for 8 dollars at a garage sale because I thought it looked pretty good and now I'm wondering if there's any type of operating system I can install on it to do some cool things. It's one of the original G3 iMacs, tray loading, 6 gigs of space and it's running Mac OS 8.6. I took a picture of it (for no good reason. )


Any recommendations?

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Skip all the 'install XYZ operating system' posts, and just blow it up on camera, and post to youtube.


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The G3 has a CRT monitor. That's bad for the environment, because of all the extra power consumption. Someone already modded their G3, replacing the monitor with an LCD (and using the inside compartment for storage). See http://www.macmod.com/content/view/414/2/

Selling it on ebay, you might get up to $100 for that baby. Plus shipping. Not bad for less than $10 invested!

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