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Sabayon Linux?


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I've used one of the very first LiveCDs. From what I can remember, it was really unstable and buggy, but then again, it was one of their first releases. A really awesome thing is that it has video drivers and all of the other stuff that you want out of the box, instead of having to mess around with all of that other stuff afterward. The 3D desktop is also available out of the box.

It's basically a polished version of Gentoo that removes alot of the stuff that could make Gentoo unattractive to use

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I couldn't ever get it to install. I get 90% done, all files installed, and then when it goes through the configuration, it errors our with about 30 lines of errors. I had no way to save the messages othe rthan to write them down, so I just gave up after three tries. I will give it a try again soon and see if maybe I can get it to work. The screen shots make it look really nice, but then again, GUI is only part of the equation. If it can't stay up and running, it's not work my time to play with it.

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Is it not trying to be to gentoo what ubuntu is to debian? Which seems kinda pointless considering that gentoo is supposed to be tweaked to hell and back in order to increase the speed. I tried it myself but it just seemed in complete, if you want a linux os that is geared towards newbies stick to ubuntu.

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