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question bout company names


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hello guys i wanna use a name for a company thats already used but its in difrent country and its a difrent looking logo so yer....  btw it is copyrighted

so can i still use the same name

p.s my companys purpose will differ in goods than the one i choose to use the name. also may i point out the fact i never knew this name excisted till i googled it :) so i thought of the name.

please reply asap

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You can't copyright a name, by the way, you can trademark one but that's nothing like a copyright.

Trademarking it is just about the same as copyrighting it, just look at what Cisco did with the Iphone, they sued apple over the rights to the name.



I would say as long as it is not a big company and your products differ you are fine, but don't go and try to start up a grocery store named Microsoft.

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