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CDImage for USB dumping


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Hello everyone!

So far everyone has been using USBdumper in order to take files from USB keys inserted on to your system, its good its cool gets the job done 70% satisfaction guarantee (specially with small data transfers <1gig) but what happends to the deleted information?. I read a post with someone adressing this vulnerability that currently its under-exploited but its potential are far more evil.

Lets say your teacher comes to class... she never gives the presentations out to the students... so you do some social work into getting her to use your computer while she uses her USB key run USBdumper before she starts and you will end up with the content of it excluding the recently deleted files lets say your next mid term. You wasted a good opportunity to recover most of that "erased" information.

Now the same scenario but using ie: cdimage to dump the USB key as a disc image not only you have the physically viewable files but now you have a chance to use recovery tools on that image to extract the "deleted" content.

I hope this wasnt just science fiction i read in a post... but since i haven't found a topic regarding this i thought it would be nice to make one for deeper research or to get it on the database of not possible  :D PS: My knowledge of computers is from newbie to novice i would say so i don't have so much information to back up my statements but i would like some reply to see where this stands (i think i still got some batch, VB6 topics somewhere in my head that i can use to implement this hypothesis)

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