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iBook Clamshell: The Ultimite Hacking Machine


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So, my friend has one of those old iBook Clamshells, blue.  Its (was) running OS 9. 2, and was pretty gunked up, so I took it upon myself to partition the HD.  I have no clue what the machines specs are (RAM, HD Size, Processor), but I know one thing; IT NEEDS LINUX!

So, my idea is, to get it running some sort of PowerPC Linux, that isn't TO needy, and turn it into the "ultimate hacking machine".  What I really want from the thing, is it running Knoppix STD, but that seems to be x86 based, only. 

So, if anybody is willing to help me, I would really like some suggestions on what to make this thing do, how to make it do it, and what Distro it should run. 


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Thanks for all the distro ideas, but I'm currently installing Gentoo on it. Now the only question I have for you guys, is what exactly should it do? I really want  some packet sniffing, and some war-driving on here, but I'm not to sure if it can do that, w/ the machine stats. I have found out that its running a G3 (300 MHz), and 64 MB of RAM. The complete stats can be found here. Also, I'm note sure if I'm going to install any type of GUI, so could you please suggest some command based programs, or a Desktop Envirnment that is REALLY light-weight. Thanks, again!

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or whack some vm software on osx and install lots of distros!

Is this a joke? You do realize this laptop is extremely old and will not handle that.

i dont think he read the OP correctly lol

I do not think he understands what the specs are of that, lol.

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