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Hak.5 radio on an AM/FM radio


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I found that I love listening to internet radio but I dont always want to sit near my computer to listen to it(or have my laptop open).  So I started working on a little mod a few days ago involving sodering an internal speaker input on to my sound card then sending a line from the new input to a cheap FM transmitter thats ment for playing an ipod in your car that I bought at canadian tire for $15.  then I added a car lighter power plug that I learnt about in the first season of hak5 to power the transmitter.

I'm curently waiting on some am crystals in the mail, I plan on using one of them for a transmitter that I would like to use to replace the FM one that I'm using at this time then mount it right to the sound card(less mess)

I'll give a link to some pictures as soon as I take some.  As it stands right now it works but a catch that I'm having right now is that the only way to change the Station or song(s) is either sitting at the computer or by using vnc

I'm working on fixing that

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ok skrach the AM Transmitter atleast untill I can find a better supplier. I found the that the cost of shipping the crystals here is unrealistic, so I decided to buy an fm transmitter kit. That should be here in a few days, after it arives I'am going to take a look at the components to see if any of them can be scrounged from house hold electronics.  :mad: help keep the cost down for anyone who might be interested in duplicating this project.

I'am also looking into seeing what the rules are about micro transmitters

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My understanding is if you stay under 500ft you're fine, the FCC won't bother you. If you want to go beyond 500ft radius, say up to a 1mile radius, I think you need a Class D broadcasters license, but even that is just an application you have to fill out, and then just you have to have something you can legally broadcast 24 hours a day.

(However if you're short on legit content, just take whatever show you have and repeat it until it fills up the 24 hours of the day.) The Ipod adapter is probably only good up to 10 or 15ft, but if you don't mind soldering and some calculations, there are mods on the Interwebs where you crack those little adapters open and switch out the antenna to give it a major power boost, say up to 100 or 200ft.

I did some looking around for info to put in this post, but mostly what I see about modding is about modding the iTrip for Ipod or the FM adapter for the Zune. I'm not seeing a whole lot about generic antenna replacement modding.

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