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need help finding a free internet phone servise


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I have looked and looked on Google for a free internet phone service but i cant find one, I use to use dialpad.com but its not free aqnymore and then i used skype but now thats not free anymore. what im wondering is does anyone know of any free ones? if some of u dont know what i mean by phone service, i mean to be able to call landlines and cellphones from my computer. thanx in advance for any help.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but I always belived that you could only call people using these services (e.g. other SkyPe users) I am sure there's always been a cost with SkyPe if you wanted to break out onto other telecoms networks.

I can't see how the kind of serivce your looking for will have free calls, as a phone call from VoIP to a Non-VoIP user will at some point break out onto a 'public' network and the provider will incur a charge... I could be wrong, telecoms make my head hurt

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