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tips on my site?


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ok this is my site www.utterchaos.fh-net.com i would like to know what you think of it? what should i do to improve it (im not done yet and i am planing to do a total over hall soon) im just looking for some c&c what do you think is good,could be better or what you think i should do to increas hits... get a better rank in google?

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lol get it up?

That's what she said! Woooo!

Ahem. Anyway..

What is the site supposed to be for? The stuff on there doesn't really seem to be related in any way and there isn't much content to start with. Is it just supposed to be a personal site? Also some of those things that appear under newflash are kind of annoying because they are trying to be witty but don't really make any sense. Sour cream obviously has an expiration date because it will become overly contaminated with microorganisms. Also I assume they use sterile needles in executions because it means there is less chance of the person inserting the needle giving themselves an infection if they accidentally stab themselves, and also it's possible the executionee would be granted clemency or something, so I guess you wouldn't want to then accidentally kill them by giving them HIV or whatever the last person executed had. Also they probably just use a new needle each time rather than sterilising and reusing the same one... Oops, went into pedentic mode there.

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Yea... the news flash was one of the things that i was planing on going through and trimming up, in the end i want to have a site where i have a collection of information on hacking and security (computers in general) and my newbies guid plus some other things i dont know yet.. and i just deleted like 300 pages on content -things like downloads msn pics jokes and a bhunc of other shit....

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