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USB Spraycan + USB Claymore = USB Spraymore? Or spraysword?


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I was working on this idea today, and was wondering if anyone else is interested in it?

I will include everything in the USB Spraycan (after asking the author for permission) and everything in the USB Claymore plus I will make the hide system files and hide hidden files also work. I will also add the open drive feature, that I have seen (as well) in other payloads.  :pirate:

I hope you like this idea, if there is anyone that likes this idea, tell me so on this topic, and I will host (what I have done) the payload onto mediafire.

Cheers :D,

USBHacker :ninja:

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sounds like a kool idea cant wait for it. and can u try to make a U3 Version, so i can install it to the U3 menu. that would be very kool. if u want to know how to make one i think the U3 website has a developers program.

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Very cool, let me know if you need help!  This is exactly what i wanted people to do, add and mod it to make it their own!  Feel free to mod / edit / make your own! 

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Possibly, let me get back to you in a couple days.

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Stealth Version Complete sorry it took so long but i had mid-terms. 

[Download Here] (MEDiAFiRE)


let me kno if you got questions / comments / problems

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