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[Resolved] Digitally signing my email (PGP + Gmail)


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As the topic goes: Am I able to digitally sign my email to verify my authenticity? Especially in gmail?

I am still learning the PGP concept, but my public key block is now on the MIT keyserver as well as http://www.c3studios.ca/pubkey.asc on my website. Now, if I want to send an email and sign it.. How do I go about doing that? (I also have my private key... dur)

I am using WinPT (aka GPG for windows).

Thanks everyone!

[EDIT] Hey all! I was able to figure it out. A great extension called FireGPG seamlessly intergrates itsself into the Gmail interface providing all of my signing, crypting, verifying, decrypting needs! It works with WinPT and/or GPG to provide a nice easy service.

Check it out:


http://www.chuckcaplan.com/blog/archives/2...ox_gmail_a.html (Tutorial)

Needless to say that it all works on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux... In fact, I'm signing this message! My public key is at http://www.c3studios.ca/pubkey.asc


Version: GnuPG v1.2.1 (MingW32)

Comment: http://firegpg.tuxfamily.org





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