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Game Launcher?


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I am setting up a lan of 10 computers plus 1 server.

I have removed the usb and all other drives so that the only way to load content is via the server.

I want a game launcher that I can put in a list of game and where they are on the hard drive, I want it to disable Ctrl+Alt+Del and make it so you cannot close it without a pre-configured combination key. So this way nobody can do anything other than launch the game. Also have it lock the Windows key so they cant access the start bar.

Can this be done easily?

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Yes, you will just have to play around with user rights.  Sounds like you are setting up either a crazy lan party, or a small computer lab.

What are you running on the server?  2003 server?  If so either create a workgroup or a domain (I suggest domain) create some users and groups and assign them minimal rights (This can all be done with MMC local users and groups snap in and security settings snap in).

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Use 2k3 for the server (if its headless), setup active directory and use group policeys to manage the permissions. Depending on the kit, and the game, you will be able to run the game on the server, or on a XP VM on the same server.

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I've looked on a few programming websites and from what i can tell Mircosoft made sure that you couldnt disable Ctrl+Alt+Del on Win XP but what people have done to get around this problem was to make there program watch and see if that program started and if so kill it  :-).

(sorry forgot to add what windows , not sure if vista is the same with disabling task manager)

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Don't simply replace explorer with another shell and forget about explorer...  There are usually very easy ways to launch explorer.  As such, I'd suggest using tweakui to clear out everything you don't want from the start menu.  There will also be a few dozen reg changes that can be done in order to disable other functionality (disabling shuthown, reducing options, etc.)  Lastly, after installing all the games, make the default user account a limitted user account (remember to password protect the administrator account.) 

If you hit all the right settigns you should be good... as an alternative / backup plan you can probably find a system re-imaging tool which, after each user is done, will automatically reimage the machine off of the server... that way if you missed something / couldn't fix everything / a new windows exploit appears and someone uses it as soon at the user logs out the system will be returned to the default and any changes / stuff done will get erased.

Even if you don't go for automatic imaging, I would still suggest using Acronis or a similar product to image the computers and periodically restore them as it'll erase any changes, customizations, etc that people do.

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