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How many screens do you have?


How many screens do you have on your main machine?  

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I just got my dual head setup back up and running and it made me wonder, how many monitors do people here have? I'd guess mostly 1, but I'm curious... vote away!

Actually, since I'm asking, post your graphics cards and monitor types/sizes/resolutions too...

ATi Radeon 9250 256MB with 1 VGA out, 1 DVI out and 1 TV-out

19" CRT @ 1600x1200x75Hz

15" LCD @ 1280x800x60Hz

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1: 19" LG Flatron @ 1280x1024

2: 17" ViewSonic @ 1024x768

Running via 2x Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX All connected via DVI.

Orignaly brought the Flatron for my last b-day, but then a neighbour had issues wif the ViewSonic, and asked if i could find them a new one, in the end they gave me there busted up ViewSonic, were the Pixels were starting to die, so played wif it abit, then one day in frustration, punched the screen, fixed it right up n has been running good since.

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Well, I have several monitors, but at the moment, using just one. 19" Widescreen HP. 1440x900 res.

Here are some setups I have seen that would make many geeks happy:


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1 17 inch acer  and a 15 inch CRT

when I make a new sig, I generally  look at it using a lcd and a crt  then make changes as needed


I generally  don't like  using 2 monitors unless their both the same size  and are both the same kind like 2 lcds

PS how come no one voted 0 yet?

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Nvidia FX5200

2x 15" LCD 1024x768

Not the most horsepower, but it gets the job done. I was using two separate video cards, then my PCI card died on me. I only spent one week with a single monitor, but it was enough to convince me I never want to go back.

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