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Books vs. PDF's


Which do you enjoy most?  

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    • CHM's
    • PDF's
    • CHM's

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Does anyone else hate having to read a PDF on screen while you could be reading it in a physical format that is in your hands. Now of course a small news article... no problem there. But having to sift through pages and pages on your monitor is bothersome, to me personally at least. While you could be sitting, standing, even laying down reading the book.

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PDFs are nice because you can only print the pages you need. But reading stuff off the screen is lame if there's a lot of it. And it's much nicer to sit somewhere else to read a lot, otherwise you get distracted by games and porn.

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chms are usually nicely indexed

chms definetly win for manuals

Yes CHM's are much better than PDF's because of how there formatted. Mainly bigger books are stored in CHM's. I also HATE having to scroll down for crap with PDF's, truly horrible.

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Hard copies if I am reading a novel or book regarding a subject.

PDF & CHM if I am using a book for reference, whilst coding a project, or working on something.

I prefer CHM to PDF.

I must disagree with you there TomB... I see having a book on your desk easier for reference than having to minimize and look at a PDF or CHM (unless you have more than 1 monitorĀ  :-? ).


A tad off topic but in the upcoming year I will be attempting to purchase a laptop. So I would like to learn more about Wireless Hacking.

What does everyone think of this -


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