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OMG LOL some of the comments in this topic are funny.

Dodgy Webservers! Vista platforms! Yippes!

I run IIS for my ASP stuff with Both MySQL and MSSQL as backend databses (development projects in the making) On my local client I have XAMMP installed, it's always useful to have a local webserver - if I'm travelling or offline for any reason I can carry on working.

I did try and configure IIS to run PHP, found sound documents played around with the configuration and got into a horrible mess - gave up and reinstalled IISĀ  :D - there's a hidden meaning in there somewhere - "If someone is too hard, give up"

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What is it with running software on shit platforms that you love so much? Run Apache in *nix, if you don't have a spare PC use a virtual machine. You don't run a web server on a Vista desktop machine.

So I take that, as a no?

Well I do have an XP computer as well, can you please give me the exe file for it?

I can't find it on the website... too many choices... to confusing (I need a web server that supports html, php, aspx, java, python, javascript, pythonscript & CGI Libraries (for different programming languages). I also (of course) need it to run and work without having to own a website.

Thanks in advance,


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The MSI is on apache.org. You will need to configure the moduals and things like php yourself. But seriously, just install linux or freeBSD in a VM and learn how to build a LAMP/FAMP server by hand in the environment its most likely to be used in. You need to expirence more than anything else atm. If you really are to lazy/dumb to manage that, google for XAMPP.

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I agree with ya there Famicoman :D i use xampp a few times and its very simple install and it automaticly setups apache , SQL , FTP and if you want Mail, But when i tried to setup up apache and SQL i had trouble (not using Xampp) but this takes over and sorts it self. After you've installed ur web server (even if you dont use Xampp) a good place to get a web address would be Dyndns.org (i think thats right) as you can set one up for free but you will have something after your part (but hay its free and no popup's and ad's on your site).


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