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No pandora interface?


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I stopped using Pandora's jar for a while (Only very briefly mind  :D) and now I've started again, the whole interface wont load. All that appears when I load the jar is something along the lines of "Download the latest version of flash player" (Or whatever it says, memory of a fish).

Is there any reason why this would happen? I checked the flash player and its still on 8, and I'm still using firefox to open it so I'm stumped tbh.

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I was able to get it back working by first opening PJ in one tab and pandora.com in another.  For some reason cruise control wasn't working right off, so I set it to manual, grabbed a track and then reset to cruise control and successfully grabbed another track.

Did we have to do something like that a few versions ago?

Oh well, it's working again and I guess that's what matters.  8)

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