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Decrypt! HELP


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Was it by any chance in Russian?

Setting t ~ òõòõžÊÍ § º Þ ³ x ¯ Á µ ½ À ¾ ² ¾ Region ÂÉ ® ³ ¯ ¤ Ä ³ ƒÆÁ, ÍÄ µ GOST "" draft § ¿À'Ä ÊÁÀß SDR ¹ º § ŠÉà ¯ ¯ ¯ º † IòõÌÁ ¤ ¿SDR line ßÍ "U displacement x ½ Š ³ ¯ ¯ º º" ØÃÁ ¼ Ç º ¤ § ° Ñ ‰ ¾ ¯ µ ½ ÒÅ ¯ ³ º ¶ ¼ ÝÍ òõòõÜÁ "ÀÒ"> ± ¤ ® ÉÑÁ "

Does this have anything to do with an OCRed Document Or HP Design Jet printer or an adobe post script file?

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I am thinking something like this to decrypt it: http://slavasoft.com/quickcrypt/help-onlin...__samplecfb.htm

Do you have the original file, or did he just give you text in a message? Formatting in the document may be important when copied and pasted it may not show all the characters. Can you place a link to the original file in question?

EDIT: It's not GOST. At least, not in the format you posted. I tried Blowfish, Twofish, DES, GOST, RC4, XOR, Skipjack and Tea. Some of them decrypt, but to what I could not tell you. It is not decrypted to plain text using any of the ones I listed here.

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Someone else on the site decrypted it, the code described the prize for decoding it.

What was the site?

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some military site on www.110mb.com

Anyone see anything wrong with this?

Yeah, he didn't post the real site ;) but instead posted a link to "insert explicit here" site.

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