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Slacker Timeshifting?


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I'm surprised there's not more interest in timeshifting Slacker on this forum. I was playing around with Slacker to see if it was possible, and it turns out that it uses the exact same folder as Pandora does to store its files. But, as long as you leave the player running it doesn't delete the files like Pandora does. This means you could potentially leave Slacker running for a few hours and then just copy over the mp3's. A handful of them are already even tagged! In case you don't know where the MP3's are saved, for most people (using Win) its " C:Documents and Settings[your computer's name]Local SettingsTempplugtmp" and it only appears when Pandora or Slacker or similar applications are playing. It should be easy to copy the files over and retrieve the ID3 tags with a program like Pandoras Jar, but unfortunately I don't have the knowledge to do it. 

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some urls from urlsnooper it appers the first one is the current song and the 2nd is always the next song

I suck at java only thing I can think is some kind of crazy ettercap filter and  a crazy shell script ..

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I'm surprised there's not more interest in timeshifting Slacker on this forum.

Get the artist,title & album name from the firefox title bar, and there is a link to large 120x120 album covers

band information & album information can be retrieved also... there is already a script to report to last.fm

all thats really needed to get it going is a means of retrieving the data from the title bar and copying them

over to another folder and gradually add features..

here is the script to add last.fm..  last Slacker.


the following is the player by itself..


too the mp3:


artist info:


artist photo:


album cover:


No it wouldnt be hard to accomplish at all....

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anyone interested in timeshifting slacker should get their hands on a copy of replay media catcher,

patch it ;)  .. granted it doesn't get the album art, not always the correct album, and on occassion

doesnt tag the mp3 at all, but then again we already experience some of those quirks with other

tools...    :-P

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