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mac os x flash switching


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I am having a heck of a time getting flash 8 to run on os x with firefox.  I uninstall flash 9 and then install flash 8, but when i go to view pages in firefox, i get a notification that i dont have the flash player and am prompted to download.  If I download then it automatically puts me back to flash 9.  I can see pandora's jar when using flash 9, but no files are ever recorded.  Ive downloaded and installed greasemonkey and used flash switcher.  Anybody with a mac can you please tell me how you got it to work?

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My guess is that you are visiting a page that requires that you use Flash 9. Here is what I did. I made two folders in the Internet plugins folder, one for flash 8 and one for flash 9. Then I made 2 automator scrips that will close firefox and copy the files from the respective folders for which version I want to use. This way when I want to run pandora's jar then all I have to do is run "LoadFlash8" (name of the script) and i go back to flash 8. If I need to upgrade I just run "LoadFlash9" and I am back to using flash 9. it is a bit cumbersome but it will work in a pinch to get you going.

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