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64 of 274 users active .... Gain more active users???


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  I noticed that the HAK.5 Team seems to be losing some ground in regards to past WU production. I am trying to turn HAK.5 around from a trend of inactivity that would cause the team to lose ground in ranks. I have 22 computers ranging from P3 to P4 flavor systems crunching (folding) 24/7. The P3 systems take about 3 to 4 days each to complete a work unit and the P4 systems can crank out about 1 per day to 1 per day and a half. BUT, when a training room is no longer needed for intercompany training, I will have to shut down ( 8 of  22 ) of my better performance systems and my production will decline from its current 700 to 1200 pt daily production.

  Question I have is, does anyone have any ideas on how to get more of the HAK.5 team members involved or gain new members???

  Being that most users may only produce 1 or 2 WU per day, I was almost wondering if people have turned away from activity in this team because they may feel as if they are pissing in the ocean, where what little they add to the whole is not a big difference to the whole amount. BUT in fact the little bit between a few users can turn into a good number of crunched work units.

  It may also be people discouraged by the fact that we would never make it to #1, since there are power house crunchers out there that we may never pull up on the rear to pass since they are in a constant extreme of production, either by number of users or powerful mainframes.

  What does everyone think? 

Is there any interest in pulling the team ahead or just running as we are? Does anyone feel discouraged by the fact that we may never to make it to #1 over all other teams?

Does anyone feel as if they are pissing in the ocean, so they have been turned away from being active?

Does anyone have any good ideas on how we can get more involved with our team both prior inactive members and new team members?


DaveLembke (FAH Hak.5 Team Member) aka XtremeModifier

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I don't care about making it to number one, I stopped folding a bit ago because of various technological failures, and (honestly) fear of burning the house down. I try to get The_PHP_Jedi to plug FAH in the irc channel, and that actually gains a member or two each plug. I'm not exactly sure how we can recruit, maybe some more show plugs, etc. If you have any ideas, go right ahead and share, I'm always open to stuffs. (I want to point out that "stuffs" is not flagged at all by Firefox's spell check)

Sincerely yours,

Famicoman (FAH Hak.5 Team Founder)

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I must agree that the team probably has been producing less WUs than before, but we're still gaining ground. There are many factors that lead to the drop in folding... from power costs, to laziness, to someone (me) not being able to turn on his PS3 due to dead UPS + lack of time, etc... Just hang in there, but thanks for pointing it out :D

And I believe we've gotten plugs on Hak.5 Live, but those people who go to IRC/do something else besides watch the show have already done so, we're not getting many people from there... But feel free to tell your friends about F@H and to fold for team 51258!

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Easy, just do a couple of episodes more on youtube or make a section on the forums that evolves everyday hacks for beginners. They should be very cheap to do and just fun, people have to start learning somewhere. It wouldn't even have to be software hacks, just any kind of hack to make someone life easer.

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