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Can't download torrents at school! Please help!


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Torrents have been disabled at my school by the admin.


Can someone please tell me how I can get around this?

They have also blocked IRC (which I sometimes use to download anime)

Please tell me how I can 'hack' this,

Thanks in advance,


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Sometimes I wonder if your serious with your questions.... :shock:

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Only 3 threads down, is the same question, mabye search function?

Either way, ur not going to be able to torrent of ur skools connection. they have blocked it, its gone, simple. What you can do, is torrent of another computer outside of the network, then transfer it in once its finished downloadin, via means of FTP, HTTP, or other traffic that shouldnt be band. to do this, check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torrentflux

It will need to be setup on either a home computer (mix in a lil WAL n she will come up a nice download server) or you could purchase a dedicated server, and use it to download and forward.

As for IRC, your outta luck again, best way is to SSH home, and use ur own PC, or again a dedicated server will do the trick. THough this is only for the downloads. If you want to use IRC for a legit cause, then i suggest checking out: http://ircatwork.com

Anywho, i suggest that u follow this topic: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,7606.0.html koftaki13 has at;east put effort into his question, and ideas about gettin a live stream torrent setup have been thrown around, either way his post is going to be gaining better feedback than this one.

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