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Need help with key for Glider


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not sure if u guys can help or if this is even aloud on forum, if not pz ignore or delete lol :D

ok i have this program called Glider, its a program that run i the background and plays world of warcraft for you lol its cool get it from here if u want hxxp: www. mmoglider. com/Download. aspx .

my problem is i want the elite version which allows you to do much more but it costs $60 to upgrade your product key for it :( my problem is im to young to have a credit card and no one will buy for me so i am wondering if someone could make a keygen or crack it somehow for me or just teach me how to which would take longer though lol.  i got my key for the normal version off a friend and don't know anyways at all to get elite without paying :(

sorry to be a hassle lol thank you for yor time

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