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Has anyone read this


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I know the C++ language. I have not mastered it nor have I finished completely learning it. But I would like a book to guide me on programming C++ applications on Linux.

Also do you know of any good books for Redhat Linux administration and security.

Thank you for your reply VaKo.

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For Security and administration Of Redhat products I found that the RHCE study guide by Mc Graw Hill was a good book, though it does lean more towards the Administration. Though I did not find the book that great as a primer for my RHEL 5 RHCE  :smile:

For a good book on basic Liunx Security principals I still lile Real World Linux Security: Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Recovery by Rob Toxen, this book is a little dated as it was written in 2001, though it does have some great fundimental principals that still apply to Security and system defence today. Things such as a Layered Security and othe Defence in Depth principals.

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You do know we are already on PHP5 and PHP6 will be out soon right?

Yes, but PHP4 books are cheaper... I want to learn PHP... then I can learn the new functions from PHP5. First I need to learn general programming in PHP... do you understand what I mean?

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