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Boost WiFi signal?


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I have been looking around the forums and it seems that a cantenna is the way to go, but on my wireless PCMCIA card there is nothing on it that I could connect something to, how would I boost the signal without actually connecting something to the card? Cheers

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ummm take the card apart n see if you can attach a external aerial?

Yes with most cards it is quite simple to take them apart and solder on a pigtail. Although if you're unsure about doing it then buying another card may be a better option.

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well if you just want to boost the signal on your lan then u can put a cantenna/multiple on your WAP/router. Just point them to the areas of low signal (i did this...EXCELLENT. You could also buy a signal booster.

But if you are talking about just being out and about (wardriving??). One of the only good (cheap) options is getting a PCMIA card with an external (modded or stock) connection and a cantenna. You can also get a multi-directional external on your card to get a lowpower but broader signal search.

just my 2 cents

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Can't see any obvious way to take it apart... I think I'll just leave it. What would I have to look for when buying a new card?

Yeah they're not exactly designed to be opened, you sort of have to pry them apart carefully. You could google the model card you have and see if anyone else has modded it before? That might help to see how feasible modding it is.

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