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Hak5 Utility


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Very nice idea 8-)

Nice work!

You should make another version though with;

No pic (or to be able to chose between having a pic and not having one)

Ability to make a new user - this was included in the original Utilman.exe (unless that controluserpasswords2 thing will work with the cmd)

Music (if you can be bothered, no need to take this last point seriously!!!)

That my 2 cents ;)

Good luck, keep up the good work!


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I personally think its great that the community shares so many projects. At the same time, I do not think that any one project that is not released by the Hak5 crew themselves should bare any logo of Hak5 on it. It makes it as if Hak5 endorses or condones the programs use, and in the event that someone would get caught or in trouble with any program that had a Hak5 logo on it, I think it may be taken out of context as if they were the ones responsible for the damage.

It's great that you made the product to share with the people of this forum, but I think that without permission to use their image on any said product, it makes it look like they caused any damage that the program might do and the authorities would go after them in the process. I do not think they want to take responsibility for every person who gets in trouble with any of these devices.

It's an educational thing really. We come here to learn and share ideas, so use them responsibly. Put your own logo on the product or instead get permission to use the Hak5 logo to endorse something that may pose a legal problem for the Hak5 crew down the road. I don't think they really want the responsibility of some script kiddies using a hack program that makes it look like they made it.

They may release code that can do certain things, but it's the user who takes responsibility for their actions. Don't place them at the forefront of the blame in the event that someone may get caught.

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