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Recipe for making a Fonera-Canopii.


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Start out with the inside of a Foneralogo.png La Fonera  WiFi router.

Second we take a 16.2dbi-big.jpg 16dbi sector antenna by Canopii.

Next we put in a PowerOverEthernet (POE) adaptor DWL-P50.jpg like the  one of Dlink.

And as last we put in some exstra stuf to jut give it your tast.

We start with getting to the inside of the 16dbi Canopii sector antenna.



And in this 16dbi Canopii sector antenna we adding the insides of the La Fonera  WiFi router and some exstra's just to give it that P.O.E tast zo we can feed it the DC working current and the lan connection by just making use of one UTP cable.


Next is testing the 6dbi Canopii sector antenne with the insides of La Fonera  WiFi router and the exstra's like the PowerOverEthernet (POE) adaptor.

When all is working well, it is time to put de jacket back on the 16dbi Canopii sector antenna wat will make it a Fonera-Canopii.


When all of that is done your  Fonera-Canopii is ready to be mounted outside like on a pole in your yard or to the wall of your house, and with only a Catt5 cable to feed it of its DC working current ad its connection to the lan inside your house it really can be done a more easyier


Some exstra info

1 Dipool = 2dBi

2 Dipolen = 5dBi

4 Dipolen = 8dBi

8 Dipolen = 11dBi

Adding a Reflector = 16dBi

Some what loss of the coax adaptation network = -2dBi

All to getter will give this Fonera-Canopii a gain of 14dBi.

Just have fun in your live, and share this with the people that are around you.


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This is awesome, is ebay the only place where you can get these Fonera devices from?

Nope here @ FON and with the so called invite's a invited person can get a La fonera router for just $20,00 in de States or 20,00 Euro's in Europe.


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do you need to apply for an invite? or do you need to know some one.

Wel i feel nice and frendly today so if you sent me a email or PM with your email adress, name, country I will sent you a invite so you can get the La fonera router for $20,00

Will they sell the devices to Australia?

Yep they sending there La Fonera routers all over this eurth

Oh I could look all this up do you have a URL?



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