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Bit-Torrent Forwarding Through Two Routers! How Can This Be Done?


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I have a speedstream dsl modem/router

I need my wireless laptop connected via a belkin wireless router to be open to several ports for bit torrent use.

My internal ip address for my laptop is-

My internal ip for my gateway to the dsl modem is-

My internal ip for my gateway to the belkin wireless router is-

If I try to forward my dsl router/modem to my wireless ie: I get this message: DMZ host IP address is not a valid LAN host address.

So how can I forward ports through both routers into my laptop?

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At my house I have two routers set up one as a client one as a bridge, and I needed to forward some ports for xbox live.  I simply forwarded them to the bridge and that worked.  I did not fully grasp the set up, maybe I just read it wrong, can you be more in depth in the way your two routers are set up please.

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If its in the DMZ, it will already have all the ports that are not listed as being forwarded elsewhere directed to the 2nd router anyway. You should just be able to forward the ports in the 2nd router without issue.

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